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WFMW: Goals in Sunday School

Goals should be set for Sunday School enrollment and attendance because it gives everyone an objective target to strive towards. In addition, goals provide an objective measure of performance so that you can gauge the effectiveness of your efforts.

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WWFM: Solitude

  The primary time when I practice the discipline of solitude is when I am trying to make a big decision in my life.  Solitude helps me to seek God’s will, which in turn helps to mature my abilities to discern the Spirit.  Solitude is a spiritual discipline that I enjoy, but at this point in my life I rarely have time to practice complete solitude.   I usually have background sounds when I take a few minutes to withdraw and just listen to God.  I can usually tune out my surroundings and listen for God to speak to me.  However, I think it would be good for me to try to practice solitude in complete silence.


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Memorizing Scripture

 I came across the following, which prompted my post:


To sugar-coat their deception, our children’s religious instructors are making the false claim that the world is in such bad condition that they don’t want to make life any more difficult on our children by asking them to memorize Holy Scriptures and commandments via rote memorization.


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ScriptureI think it is important to teach children to memorize Scripture.  I know in my own training, we are taught to emphasize principles / concepts rather than specifics, so that is why we do not emphasize rote memorization.  The reasoning? — we want the essence of the Scriptures to come alive, be understood, and impressed upon the heart.  Scripture is the very word of God which transcends any tangible existence.



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